ARL Janakuasa Letrik Sdn Bhd (ARLJL), another ARL Global company, is the Operations & Management (O&M) contractor for the Plant. Incorporated on 20 December 1993, ARLJL has a staff strength of 53 engineers and mechanical and electrical technicians, they are mostly native Sabahans and several from Peninsula Malaysia.

At the time that ARL Power was developing its Melawa Power Plant project, it was felt that there would be clearer differentiation of responsibilities for the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the Plant if it were to be contracted out to a separate company. In order to ensure effective transfer of technology ffrom the Plant designer and builder, Hyundai of Korea, to the ARL Group, it was decided that the O&M Contractor should be selected from within the Group.

ARLJL provides a range of services to players in this industry, including, but not limited to plant operations, routine and preventive maintenance, major overhaul meintenance, specialty grinding, honing and deglazing jobs, ultrasonic cleaning, and special design and fabrication of industrial machinery for efficiency improvement.

ARLJL aspires to be an estabilised name as a key provider of O&M support services in the industry. Our efforts towards achieving this  objective are focused on equipping ourselves with the most up-to-date equipment, part and tools, not only for the hands-on work but also effective and efficient management of the resources available.